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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Aug. 24, 2010) – Bingo Hideout have announced a revolutionary bingo game comparison system which is set to solve one of the key problems gamers now face, the impossible task of finding online bingo games that are not overcrowded with thousands of players chasing down a single prize.

Bingo Hideout, a formidable bingo news and promotions resource in online gaming, has solved this problem by developing a web-based price comparison service that is set to completely change the way gamers play. SolidDM the company behind Bingo Hideout, recently pledged that the groundbreaking software ‘provides higher chances of winning every time gamers use it. Our mission statement is to increase the bingo enthusiasts value for money, whenever they decide to play’. The site achieves this by constantly collecting and analysing data from the most popular bingo sites and informing players how many people are in any one online bingo room at a time. It then rates the jackpots and scores the room out of 99 in accordance with the player’s chances of winning the prize. This information is updated constantly and provides the bingo player with vital facts about where they should spend their money, giving the user the ability to make an informed decision on where to play bingo.

Not too dissimilar from the price comparison service popularised through industries such as car insurance and mobile phone networks, in that this service aims to save consumer’s time and money by finding the best deal on the market at that moment in time. It is a convenience service utilised by an overcrowded marketplace, when users do not want to spend their leisure time searching for a good deal, but still have the desire for one.

The site itself is incredibly effective, hosted by a friendly cartoon scientist ‘BOB’ (Bingo Odd’s Booster) and the portal is fun as well as easy to use and navigate. It possesses in-depth knowledge of the online bingo industry and is a great first stop for any bingo player as the site will keep you updated not only on the current state of the bingo halls, but all future offers and promotions at hundreds of the top bingo sites including Bingo Hollywood, Redbus Bingo, and Tasty Bingo to name a few. According to Bingo Hideout this was the most difficult process.

‘Being able to store and update enough information that we could call ourselves a one stop shop for online bingo comparison was incredibly complex, but we have a great team who work around the clock to ensure we never fall behind’.

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