WiFiRV Internet Company Warns RV Campground, Resort, and Park Owners About Illegal Activity on Their WiFi Networks


WiFiRV CEO: Unmanaged Wireless Internet Service Can Generate Major Liabilities and Hassles

WESTPORT, CT–(Marketwire – September 7, 2010) –  RV campgrounds, resorts, and parks that offer WiFi service need to be vigilant about illegal activity by their users, according to John M. Borg II, CEO of WiFiRV, a wireless internet service provider specializing in the RV market.

“We’ve been around for nearly a decade, so we know many property owners. And we’ve had multiple owners turn to us for help after they’ve received fines and termination of TV and Internet contracts thanks to unprotected networks,” Borg said.

Borg said that this warning comes as a result of increasing incidents over the past two years. “Especially if you have a free wireless network, people who aren’t even your patrons can connect to it and illegally download intellectual property (such as movies, TV programs, and music), hack into computer systems, and bring down websites and other computers using SPAM bots, adware, and spyware,” Borg said. “We’re seeing an average of three incidents per month at this point — when just a couple of years ago, it was only about one every three months or so.”

According to Borg, campground owners operating wireless Internet amenities without assistance are increasingly at risk. “Unless you’re technically skilled at shaping bandwidth on a daily basis and tracking WiFi users, then you shouldn’t set up your own network. There is more liability and you can lose major revenue when the data provider shuts you down,” Borg said.

Simple strategies are to outsource WiFi service, charge a small fee for internet access, and make sure only renters are online. Those more technically skilled should get commercial-grade equipment (not residential gear), configure their firewalls to stop DNS attacks, allocate bandwidth daily to restrict heavy use, force authentication via RADIUS, and prohibit games play.

Property owners can request a free whitepaper on protecting their networks by contacting WiFiRV at [email protected].

ABOUT WiFiRV: WiFiRV is the only WiFi Internet service provider that has over 70% of its RV resort, park, and campground amenities generating income for property owners. Through low or no cost installs, expert engineering, nationwide scalability, 3-5 new properties a week, and nearly a decade of RV industry expertise, WiFiRV partners with RV park owners to turn the WiFiRV solution into an investment, not a liability.

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