The Human Project Documents the Aftermath of the Haitian Earthquake

SOURCE: The Human Project

Sisters Travel to Homeland to Capture Untold Stories for Documentary

TAMPA, FL–(Marketwire – July 21, 2010) –  It’s a project that hits close to home for two filmmakers. The team of sisters behind The Human Project is set to begin work on their first documentary — titled The Human Project: Haiti — as they travel back to their homeland from July 25th to August 8th to capture the stories of those affected by the recent earthquake.

The devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti, directly impacted Egma and Cathiana Sylne, founders of The Human Project. With an outpouring of help from so many people and countries, they saw a need to share the Haitian people’s story with the world.

“I remember sitting at the bus stop, trying to hurry home after getting the gut-wrenching news that my country had collapsed,” remembers Egma, President and Founder of The Human Project. “With my father and many of my relatives in Haiti at the time, I don’t even remember how I got from the bus stop to my small apartment. All I wanted was a phone call saying my family was alive — that somehow my country was alive.”

Born in the small, Haitian province of Roche-a-Bateau, Egma and Cathiana know the culture firsthand and are familiar with the sense of hope and despair hovering over the country. The Human Project will use the documentary to give the Haitian people a voice. In one-on-one interviews they’ll have the opportunity to recount their struggle — an economical, educational, and political struggle rooted in corruption. The world is listening, and The Human Project is giving the Haitian people a platform to speak.

“These are dreams of people who live in constant fear that things will collapse,” says Cathiana. “People who work outside their businesses and live outside their homes. People, who, for a bone-chilling moment, held the attention of the entire world, but now, must wake-up, work, and try to go on with their lives.”

As the sisters bear the brunt of the travel expenses on their backs, The Human Project welcomes funding or sponsorship opportunities as they film, edit and distribute their documentary.

“There are so many people, still without a place to call home,” adds Egma. “We want to expose the stories that haven’t been seen in the media. Everyone has an important tale to tell.”

About The Human Project
The Human Project is an organization focused on empowering communities — no matter what corner of the world they belong to. This is achieved by bringing awareness to the challenges facing people all around the world. We believe in getting people involved in finding creative ways to solve their problems and encourage them to achieve solutions through a collective effort. The experience gained through this group effort helps in building relationships that triumph personal, religious, and political differences.

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