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LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – August 24, 2010) –  Vacations are something of a rarity in a tough economy, so having a good time on vacation is essential. Unfortunately, vacations are expensive, and there are few ways around that. The “vacation industry” is also rife with rip-off artists who can persuade you to spend thousands of dollars for a sub-par vacation experience, or who simply take your money and run. Planet Antares Scam Solutions offers a few tips to avoid vacation scam complaints.

You haven’t won a free vacation. 

Advance-fee scammers will call you or send direct mail informing you that you’ve won a free vacation. Of course, you’ll need to pay a boatload of reservation fees, taxes and surcharges to claim your prize. You’ll spend hours trying to find these scammers once they disappear with your money. Meanwhile, you won’t be going anywhere. Best bet? Planet Antares Scam Solutions recommends saving your money and work through a reputable travel agent.

Look a gift horse in the mouth.

Another vacation scam involves winning “free” airline tickets to a desirable destination. The catch? You need to book hotel accommodations and food from the company that’s giving away the tickets. To boot, you’ll find out too late that the hotel may be dirty, poorly maintained or poorly located, and once you’ve checked in, you’re told that checking out early will invalidate your return ticket. The over-inflated prices you’ll pay for these services more than cover the cost of the flight. Best bet? To avoid complaints about your vacations, planet antares solutions recommends making your own arrangements and let your budget be your guide. By all means, search for deals, but make sure the “deal” is exactly what you think it is before signing up.

You’re going on vacation, but you’re not going anywhere.

You’ve won a free vacation, including airfare and accommodations. The catch? You have to sit through one (and more often several) presentations designed to separate you from your money. You’ll be asked to invest in a time-share or two or five. You “earn” your meal tickets by sitting through long presentations, and your “host” may even try to intimidate you into signing purchase contracts, threaten to invalidate your accommodations or cancel your return flight.

Here’s the bottom line on vacations. Planet Antares Scam Solutions recommends making your own accommodations or work with a reputable travel agent to get a good deal. If the trip is expensive, buy travel insurance to cover the non-refundable tickets or deposits you may need to provide at the time you book your arrangements. Look for deals but understand all conditions that apply before you accept any freebies.

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