ME911 Kicks Off National Preparedness Month by Rolling Out New Service Features to Help Protect Families in an Emergency


SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – September 20, 2010) – ME911, a premier provider of 24/7 emergency response services for families, kicks off National Preparedness Month by rolling out unique feature enhancements to its core service. They are designed to help families prepare for and respond to emergencies — whether it’s personal like losing a wallet and needing a copy of their driver’s license, a medical emergency, or even if it involves a child that’s separated from his or her parent at the mall.

ME911’s new service features simplify and personalize the process so families can literally ‘back up their life’ and retrieve or share what’s needed anytime, anywhere. For instance, it has added descriptive emergency profiles for each family member including pets, with personal, emergency contact, and health and information that can be emailed or printed at the click of a button.

Gail, a ME911 member and Morgan Stanley Executive, believes, “ME911 provides a safety solution for my whole family — my husband, son, daughter and even our dog. As residents of San Francisco, we are keen to protect vital documents in the event of a disaster. While traveling on business or family vacations ME911 provides an invaluable tool to protect my kids and pet if one were to get lost and to communicate effectively during an emergency!”

Members can even schedule timely text alerts signaling that a stored document, such as a passport, is about to expire and needs renewal. In fact that’s one of the reasons Kim, a ME911 member and mother residing in Andorra, Europe, finds it invaluable. She said, “My husband Jordi and I have two growing boys and we travel frequently within Europe and back to visit my family in Walnut Creek, California. So we use ME911 to keep our documents and travel information organized and always ready. We also use ME911 IDs for our boys with our emergency contact information when we travel as an added precaution — thankfully we have not had to use that part of our service.”

Furthermore ME911 bridges the communication gap by providing emergency responders with 24/7 access to a member’s emergency contacts and pressing health condition that could prove to be life-saving. “We’ve gained very insightful feedback from our user community to enrich our offerings and to better prepare families for an emergency,” said Clarence Wesley, CEO, ME911. “This includes protecting their loved ones and keeping their vital information safe and up-to-date. ME911 helps its Members back up their life and in the event of an emergency, makes it easy to recover with availability and access 24/7.” To watch a quick video on how it all works, visit

As a National Preparedness Month ( Coalition Member, ME911 will host safety seminars all this month beginning with The Neat Company that it recently joined forces with to raise awareness on preparedness in the digital age. Goldie Aranha, Marketing Director at ME911, will be featured as part of the Neat Fleet team at starting September 20 through October 17, 2010 and will provide valuable tips, advice, and easy-to-use tools to help families prepare for the unexpected.

To sign-up for ME911 or to learn more, people can visit, become a fan of ME911 on Facebook ( and even follow them on Twitter ( to stay informed about latest features, events and promotions.

About ME911

ME911 is an innovative company offering 24/7 emergency response services to help keep families safe and also provides child safety IDs, USB keychains, and pet IDs. With ME911 members can send instant emergency alerts via text and email with just one phone call. ME911 also provides a virtual locker to store copies of vital documents securely online, accessible anytime, anywhere. For more information please visit

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