Livemocha(TM) Brings Language Learning Out of the Stone Age

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Company Harnesses Power of Social Networking and World-Class Content to Teach Real Conversation Skills Online

BELLEVUE, WA–(Marketwire – September 14, 2010) –   Livemocha(TM), the world’s largest online language learning community, today announced the launch of Livemocha Active Courses™, a set of ground-breaking online language courses for English, French, ItalianGerman and Spanish that promise conversational fluency through the combination of world-class course curriculum, personalized feedback from Livemocha Experts, and limitless practice with native speakers.

Designed with the help of leading language publishers Pearson and Harper Collins, the new Active Courses provide a set of online self-study courses that match or exceed the educational caliber of traditional textbook curriculum while integrating online community instruction to ensure the level of fluency that only practice with native speakers can bring. The Active Course offerings promise conversational fluency upon course completion and at a fraction of the cost of traditional language learning software.

Livemocha will continue to offer free, basic lessons in 38 languages including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Farsi, Hindi and Ukrainian.


Started in 2007, Livemocha has created the world’s largest online language learning community where six million members delight in sharing and learning a foreign language while bridging cultures and traditions from around the world. Livemocha offers a transformational approach to language learning, by helping language students develop fluency with lessons built around real conversations and online connections with native speakers.

Livemocha Active Courses Feature:

  • Subtitled video conversations and conversation practice exercises that teach essential words and phrases needed in day-to-day conversation
  • Interaction and practice with native speakers; more than one million helpful suggestions provided by members every month in response to completed exercises
  • Personalized guidance; Livemocha Experts are available to evaluate each speaking and writing exercise
  • World-class learning content from leading educational publishers including practical grammar lessons
  • One-year Active Course access for $149.95
  • Monthly Active Course access for $19.95


Michael Schutzler, CEO of Livemocha

“Our mission at Livemocha is to teach everyone in the world a second language. The Livemocha model breaks the mold of expensive, one-dimensional CD-ROM courses that rely on rote memorization and computerized voice recognition. Instead, our Livemocha Active Courses™ combine world-class instruction, personalized feedback from Livemocha Experts, and limitless practice with native speakers to help anyone achieve conversational fluency.”

Robert Scriven, Managing Director, Collins Languages

“Harper Collins has long been a leader in language learning and our partnership with Livemocha teams us up with the definitive leader in the new digital channel of online language learning. Many people admire multilingualism in others and are very interested in diverse cultures, but themselves, have not succeeded in language learning. The new Active French, Spanish, Italian and German online courses from Livemocha put success within their grasp with flexible, fun and social language learning methods.”

Dr. Steven J. Sacco, PhD in Foreign Language Education; language professor at San Diego State University

“The best way to learn a language is the combination of total immersion and tutorials with a native speaker. I continually recommend Livemocha and require my students join because the conversational focus and the built-in motivation of a worldwide support network of other language learners is unmatched.”

Bill Anderson, President of Global English Language Teaching, Pearson Education
“The Active English language learning program, created in partnership by Pearson and Livemocha, is an exciting development for non-native speakers of English in the Americas who are struggling to overcome the language barrier. Now all of those who wish to learn or improve their English can access our world-class curriculum and content combined with online interaction and the support of Livemocha experts and native English speakers.”

Amy Junker, Senior Research Analyst, Education Services, Robert W. Baird & Co.
“Broadband and mobile proliferation, business process outsourcing, and social networking are accelerating the need for a global, multi-lingual workforce. With an active online learning community of six million members, Livemocha is transforming the world of language learning and appears to be well ahead of its competition. Livemocha leverages traditional textbook methodology with the coveted experience of learning from real native speakers.”

Beth Whitman, Founder of Wanderlust and Lipstick: tours, guides and a website for women travelers
“One of the most common concerns for most travelers is not being able to understand or converse with the locals. The key to gaining confidence prior to a journey is being able to learn at least some of the language, as well as listening to and interacting with native speakers, before you even leave home. Livemocha offers travelers the chance to learn the basics of many different languages or dive deep into the most popular ones, taking a big chunk of worry out of the travel preparation process.”


About Livemocha
Livemocha is a company committed to helping every person on earth achieve fluency in a new language. As the world’s largest online language learning community, Livemocha fuses traditional methods and exercises with online interaction and practice with native speakers across the globe for an unparalleled, dynamic learning experience that promises conversational fluency for anyone who sincerely participates. Since launching in 2007, the Livemocha community has grown to six million members from 195 countries, underscoring the strong demand for an engaging, collaborative approach to language learning. Livemocha offers free and paid online courses in 38 languages and continues to grow with one goal in mind: to teach everyone in the world a new language. For more information about Livemocha, please visit

Sean Sundwall
Barokas Public Relations for Livemocha
+1 206.264.8220


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