Cheap & Cheerful Los Angeles Celebrates First Year With More Than 100 Fun, Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy the City of Angels

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“Cheap & Cheerful” (British Informal): Costing Little Money but Attractive, Pleasant and Enjoyable

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – July 1, 2010) –  Whether you are looking go to a free concert, start skateboarding, visit the zoo, make you way to the flower mart, get on a game show, hear a lecture or go fishing, Cheap & Cheerful Los Angeles ( can give you tips on where to go and how to save.

“This isn’t about coupons or penny pinching. It’s about getting the most out of Los Angeles by identifying the best days, times and ways to enjoy our city,” explains creator, Cinnia Curran Finfer. “Cheap & Cheerful Los Angeles is for everyone. Tourists, students, singles, young families and seniors all can benefit from the information. Having lived in Los Angeles for more than 25 years, I wanted to share information on where residents and tourists could have a great time or get excellent service without spending a lot.”

“In my 20’s, I hung out with some British and South African people who were on working vacations in Los Angeles. They didn’t have a lot of cash, but were determined to fully experience Los Angeles. They were constantly sharing information: a great club, a nice little restaurant, an offbeat store, a cool concert series, a gallery opening… the best review a place could get from this crowd was ‘Well that was Cheap & Cheerful!’ I loved the spirit of that! It wasn’t about scraping the bottom, but rather seeking out ways of experiencing the best Los Angeles had to offer — at the best price possible.”

Currently Cinnia has 100 posts listing places and activities she recommends as Cheap & Cheerful. “My original focus was on activities that cost less the $20 a person,” explains Cinnia. “I was delighted to find so many cool things to do for $10, $5 and many times for free!”

“This is just the beginning,” she adds. “The real aim of Cheap and Cheerful Los Angeles is to encourage readers to post suggestions, expanding each category and create new categories, building an incredible resource for each other.” Visitors are encouraged to either post comments on the blog at or submit suggestions to [email protected].

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