6 Must Visit Vacation Places for Travelers

Traveling can be utter fun especially if you are visiting some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Depending on your individual interests and the time of the year, you can plan a holiday on one of the many vacation places mentioned below.


Mexico tops the list of vacation places due to its perfect combination of fun, beauty, adventure, and nightlife. Mexico boasts of stunning scenery with its diverse topography and here you can wander in the tropical jungles or explore the mountains or simply enjoy desert views. The country also has a rich and fascinating culture and a very interesting history. Mexican art as well as food is extremely popular.


Virtually everyone is mesmerized by the immaculate beaches, pristine waters, impressive volcanoes, warm hospitality, and picture-perfect scenery of Hawaii. Another strong point of Hawaii is its convenient location in the United States that makes it easily accessible.

Las Vegas

What was earlier known as the Sin City or the capital of entertainment is now also becoming a popular family vacation spot. No doubt, gambling still remains the core attraction for many, but Las Vegas promises loads of entertainment for the entire family with its spectacular array of hotels, restaurants, and shopping arcades.

New York

Vacation in New York would require careful planning given the number of activities you can do and the myriad of attractions you got to see. You will usually be running out of time while in the popular vacation place New York, which includes prominent tourist attractions like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, Empire State Building, South Street Seaport and Central Park. And of course, you wouldn’t want to return back home without a visit to the most famous Niagara Falls, located just 17 miles northwest of Buffalo. The magnificence of the falls is more evident at night when the soft lighting brings out its unmatched natural beauty.


Thailand is a beautiful country and has all the elements required to make it one of the top vacation places in the world. Thailand is also called as the “The Land Of Smiles”, as you will be welcomed by smiling faces that are eager to make your stay in this wonderful country very comfortable. Adventure, relaxation, or scenic beauty – no matter what you are looking, you will surely not be disappointed in Asia’s finest travel destination, Thailand.

Los Angeles

Fondly referred to as the City of Angels, is known to even first-time visitors with the number of movies shot here. There are very few cities that can match Los Angeles in terms of the excitement, fun, diversity, entertainment, and adventure it offers to its visitors. If you are a true romantic, you will surely enjoy being on one of the many unspoiled beaches of Los Angeles. The city is also home to some very famous tourist attractions such as Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Magic Mountain, Rodeo Drive and of course Universal Studios Hollywood.

The lavish Aruba in the Caribbean Sea or the monumental Grand Canyon are other vacation places you must consider. No matter which place you choose to go, plan your trip well in advance to get the best deals from tour operators.