Midlands Revealed as Caravanning Capital of UK While Geordies Snub British Classic

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Aug. 13, 2010) – A survey by Safeguard has revealed that the Midlands are the caravanning capital of the UK, while people from the North East are most likely to snub the British holiday classic.

The new figures revealed that 20% of people who owned a caravan hailed from the Midlands, almost double the figure of anywhere else in the UK.*

While Wales may be home to more caravan sites than anywhere else in the UK, statistics from the motorhome and caravan insurance retailer revealed that only 7% of caravanners were Welsh.

North East residents were found to most likely snub the traditional UK holiday with the lowest percentage of caravan owners: just 4% of Geordies own a caravan.

Rita Sadler, Safeguard Manager, said: “Despite Wales being one of the favourite destinations for caravanners, it’s surprising to see that relatively few of its inhabitants own a caravan themselves.

“We were surprised to see that most caravanners came from the Midlands. It proves that many people do still travel to experience a traditional UK holiday.

“It has long been thought that people from the Midlands are the most likely to opt for a seaside break in the UK as they are furthest away from the coast. Our statistics suggest that many of them choose to do so in a caravan.”

* Taken from data generated by Safeguard’s policy holders in 2009

Notes to editors:

– Safeguard is the specialist Caravan and Motorhome division of Swinton Group Limited

– Safeguard has over 25 years specialist insurance experience and was recently voted ‘Insurer of the Year’ by one of the most popular motorhome magazines

– With 580 branches nationwide Swinton is the largest high street insurance retailer

– Safeguard has an award winning website www.safeguarduk.co.uk 

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