Lifetime Television’s Hit Morning Show to Feature Where Food Comes From(R) on July 9 and July 23

SOURCE: Integrated Management Information (IMI Global)

CASTLE ROCK, CO–(Marketwire – July 7, 2010) –  Lifetime Television’s premier morning show, The Balancing Act, will be hosting guest Leann Saunders, co-founder and president of IMI Global, Inc. (OTCBB: INMG) to talk about the company’s latest effort to connect consumers with the people who raise their food. The segment featuring WhereFoodComesFrom® will air as part of The Balancing Act’s My Cuisine series on July 9 and again on July 23.

“We’ve been offering verification services to farmers and ranchers for food marketing claims for 15 years and WhereFoodComesFrom is our effort to connect that program with the consumers who are looking for information about the food they buy,” said Saunders. “Consumer research tells us that people want to know more about their food and WhereFoodComesFrom tells that story in an authentic way that consumers can be confident in.”

Research indicates that transparency in food production is becoming more and more important to consumers. A 2009 survey of adult grocery shoppers in the 10 largest U.S. cities found that consumers’ appetite for information about food products increased from when a similar study was conducted in 2007. Seventy-six percent of those surveyed wanted more information about food’s origin and 74 percent were willing to dig deeper and seek more data about how food products are grown, processed and manufactured.

WhereFoodComesFrom uses U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified Programs (PVP) to validate marketing claims. Participating suppliers are then able to market their food products with the WhereFoodComesFrom seal to offer consumers an added level of confidence in the product’s attributes.

“WhereFoodComesFrom gives shoppers more transparency about how their food was raised that really has not been available until now,” added Saunders. “We want to make the food production story come full circle and offer farmers and ranchers a way to connect to the people who buy their products.”

The Balancing Act segment featuring Saunders will air July 9 and July 23 at 7:00 a.m. (ET/PT). For more information or to view the segment after its original air date, visit or

Where Food Comes From® is an initiative of IMI Global, Inc. and is a unique program designed to enhance consumer confidence in the food supply chain and independent marketing claims. Founded in 1995, Integrated Management Information, Inc. (IMI Global, Inc.) (OTCBB: INMG) is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Process Verified (PVP) company and is a leading provider of verification and Internet solutions for the agriculture industry. For more information, visit or

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