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SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – August 26, 2010) –  According to the California Restaurant Association Office, San Francisco’s Happy Meal Toy Ban was assigned to the City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee, chaired by Supervisor Carmen Chu. The legislation has not been scheduled yet for a vote, however, the earliest the bill can be heard in committee is September 13, 2010. It could be considered by the entire board the following Tuesday reported

Please call your elected officials and tell them NO to the Happy Meal Toy Ban:

Bob Cutler, CEO of Creative Consumer Concepts (C3), said that there is not an exact date set for the bill to be heard, but it seems as though it will be fast-tracked, like the Santa Clara Toy Ban. “The authors are expected to fast-track the proposal though the process which means it could be presented to committee mid-September, and if it passes, to the full board by late September or the first week of October,” Cutler said. “This legislation needs to be stopped before it reaches committee. If Mar, Chiu and Campos’ proposal gets voted out of committee, the chances of it ultimately being enacted into law increase substantially.”

In an effort to stop the legislation before it reaches committee, Cutler has been organizing a national campaign to raise awareness about the legislation and stop the government from limiting consumer choice. He has created the websites and as places for conversation about the Happy Meal Toy Ban. The blogs house articles and opinions that oppose the legislation. According to a recent online poll conducted by the San Francisco Chronicle, an overwhelming 65 percent opposed the ban. ( is for anyone who wants to choose what they eat! Twitter: @ChooseMeals for more information about what you can do to protect consumer choice. is a place for discussion regarding the childhood obesity battle, why we need solutions and why we don’t need more issues about what we choose to eat.

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