Mails San Francisco Restaurants Promotional Table Tents to Stop the Happy Meal Toy Ban

SOURCE: Free To Choose Our Meals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – September 2, 2010) –, funded by Bob Cutler, CEO of Creative Consumer Concepts (C3), recently mailed more than one-hundred table tents to San Francisco restaurants to stop the Happy Meal Toy Ban. The proposed bill is sponsored by Eric Mar and David Campos, members of the Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco, and David Chiu, president of the Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco. The Toy Ban Bill will be reviewed in committee very soon.

Download flyers regarding the Toy Ban: or

Cutler’s letter and table tents were designed to inform restaurant owners and customers about the Happy Meal Toy Ban legislation and its intrusion upon consumer choice. In a letter to San Francisco restaurant owners, Cutler states, “Perhaps today is the day when the ridiculousness is cause for true fear of what is next for your business and customers. Regardless of the real cause for obesity in this country, your political leaders have now decided to launch the first of what will be future assaults on your ability to market your business.”

Cutler added that this Toy Ban is only the first such move to blame restaurant owners for providing what consumers want to eat. “We have heard that a ban will be forthcoming on your ability to offer other marketing incentives next: no anniversary specials for married couples if the food is not healthy by law; no free birthday treats for kids celebrating a birthday unless it is healthy by law; and no discounts on bundled meals if the combo is not healthy by law,” said Cutler.

The table tents included the contact information for Supervisor Mar who is the chief legislative author for the San Francisco Toy Ban. The table tents urge restaurant owners and customers to call their elected official and say NO to the Happy Meal Toy Ban! is for anyone who wants to choose what they eat! Twitter: @ChooseMeals for more information about what you can do to protect consumer choice. is a place for discussion regarding the childhood obesity battle, why we need solutions and why we don’t need more issues about what we choose to eat.

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