ECDC Launches TrailerSeal, Combining GPS, RFID, and GPRS in One Mobile, Battery-Powered Unit

SOURCE: EarthSearch Communications International, Inc. (East Coast Diversified Corp.)

Reusable Container Seal Protects and Tracks Items in Transit or Storage, Offering Continuous Visibility of Mobile Assets

ATLANTA, GA–(Marketwire – July 9, 2010) – East Coast Diversified Corporation’s (OTCBB: ECDC) (“ECDC”) RFID and GPS division, EarthSearch Communications, (“EarthSearch”) announced today the launch of its latest product integrating RFID and GPS at the hardware level: TrailerSeal. An innovative mechanical, battery-powered, reusable padlock, TrailerSeal is embedded with RFID, GPS, and GPRS for remote container tracking, all in one unit. Using built-in business logic and intelligence, TrailerSeal secures shipping containers, whether in transit or at rest, by providing continuous visibility of RFID tagged assets, in addition to tracking the container. 

TrailerSeal is able to provide continuous, real-time visibility of assets and container by transmitting event and location information to EarthSearch’s proprietary web-based software platform, GATIS. EarthSearch’s Global Asset Tracking & Identification System (GATIS) is a web-based RFID-centric enterprise-class solution which leverages an integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) solution with GPS and RFID data. It combines these with other sensor technologies for a complete real-time asset and business management solution. As the software side of TrailerSeal, GATIS features an advanced user interface that is easily accessible via most web browsers. TrailerSeal communicates with GATIS to manage remote events and to translate data based on user defined business logic.

TrailerSeal records and transmits every location and event and sends alerts of undesignated stops or trailer access by a driver or unauthorized access to a container in a shipyard environment. Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries capable of lasting up to 90 days, TrailerSeal can be programmed to communicate each hour of the day and will send notifications in the case of event triggered alerts. The embedded RFID allows shippers to store data about the cargo in the device, allowing TrailerSeal to log activities related to the cargo that can be transmitted to GATIS in real-time, giving up-to-date access to cargo manifests.

 “EarthSearch strives to deliver technology that adds true meaning to the idea of globalization of the supply chain,” said EarthSearch Chairman and CEO, Kay Aladesuyi. “There cannot be true globalization without maintaining continuous visibility of container and shipment. EarthSearch is delivering the tools for continuous visibility of mobile assets with TrailerSeal and GATIS.”

The TrailerSeal and GATIS combination provides monitoring and reporting of cargo, supplies and vehicle locations in real-time and confirms tagged asset destination and delivery or installation. TrailerSeal also secures assets from theft and sends alerts in cases of unscheduled stops by drivers.

“With the TrailerSeal, both shippers and manufacturers can now have real-time continuous visibility and security of their assets, containers, and trailers, no matter where those items may be,” said Mr. Aladesuyi.

About EarthSearch Communications
EarthSearch Communications, an ECDC Company, is a US-based business whose flagship product, LogiBoxx™, integrates GPS and RFID at the hardware level. When combined with its proprietary Global Asset Tracking and Identification System (GATIS) middleware, LogiBoxx and GATIS become the centerpieces of a LogiBoxx Certified Solution. An unprecedented business decision-making tool, a LogiBoxx Certified Solution offers continuous visibility within the Supply Chain, Logistics, and Asset Management and Control industries. Along with its integrated, patent-pending GPS and RFID technologies, EarthSearch also offers a complete line of innovative RFID solutions. Its expertise with GPS and RFID technologies, combined with exceptional support and service facilities, distinguishes EarthSearch as a leading manufacturer and supplier of real-time location solutions in the marketplace. For more information on EarthSearch and LogiBoxx, visit or

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