Verimatrix and Nevotek Deploy Integrated IPTV Platform for Hospitality & Real Estate Markets

SOURCE: Verimatrix

NevoTV Now Features VCAS for IPTV Security to Gain Access to Premium, Early Release Content for Hospitality Industry

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – August 16, 2010) – Verimatrix, the specialist in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services around the globe, and Nevotek, a leading developer of advanced, IP-based multi-media applications for the communications sector, today announced an integrated NevoTV™ deployment at The Dominican Hotel in Brussels. Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) for IPTV has been fully integrated with NevoTV, an IP-based solution that delivers voice, video, and data services through TV to the hospitality and real-estate management markets.

Nevotek, operating in all major markets around the globe, utilizes a super IPTV head-end architecture with a centralized management system. Nevotek has integrated VCAS for IPTV with the NevoTV platform to ensure rights to premium, early release window content attractive to the hospitality industry. The solution efficiently manages the VCAS software-based encryption techniques at the head-end and exports secured on-demand content to their hotel customers. The Dominican now manages a single IP-based network for in-room entertainment, telephone and wireless broadband services throughout the hotel. For more information on the menu of services that The Dominican Hotel offers, watch the video here.

“The hospitality industry has some of the most stringent content security requirements due to early release windows,” said Tankut Turhan, chairman, Nevotek. “Verimatrix’s track record in this industry and global leadership position made them an obvious choice as a security partner. VCAS for IPTV enables us to easily deploy at any hotel location and reduce our operational costs with a centralized management system.”

VCAS for IPTV provides a modern software-based revenue security solution perfectly suited for IP video distribution networks found in hospitality environments. It offers a layered security approach to protect premium HD content, trace the last authorized recipient of content through forensic watermarking and prevent theft of service with advanced cloning techniques. VCAS for IPTV is securing thousands of hotel rooms worldwide due to its flexibility, advanced security techniques and excellent client device control. As part of their partnership, Nevotek is a reseller of the VCAS for IPTV solution. For more information, request our VCAS for IPTV Hospitality overview.

“VCAS for IPTV provides much more than basic security,” said Steve Oetegenn, chief sales and marketing officer, Verimatrix. “The Dominican Hotel is an example of the type of the wholesale/retail architecture VCAS for IPTV can support. Customers benefit from an enhanced subscriber experience, with rich content offerings in a seamless lineup, while enhancing overall distribution integrity and reducing operational costs with a unified security model.”

About Nevotek
Nevotek provides value-added business communications solutions using the highly programmable, IP-based unified communications platform as a springboard for its innovative product suite. The company’s end-to-end solutions are designed for enterprise and commercial customers in a variety of vertical markets, including real estate, hospitality and healthcare. Nevotek’s products help organizations all over the world streamline their operations, lower their costs, and enhance the overall end-user experience. Businesses that invest in Nevotek products can count on advanced IP convergence technology that combines innovation with ease of use, and highly dependable responsiveness. Nevotek’s advanced IP convergence technology merges innovation with ease-of-use, a winning combination that customers can count on. Its line of products, customized by industry, streamline diverse communication systems — voice, video, data, and environmental controls — into the IP platform.

About Verimatrix
Verimatrix specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-screen digital TV services around the globe. The award-winning and independently audited Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) and ViewRight® solutions offer an innovative approach for cable, satellite, terrestrial and IPTV operators to cost-effectively extend their networks and enable new business models. As the recognized leader in software-based security solutions for premier service providers, Verimatrix has pioneered the 3-Dimensional Security approach that offers flexible layers of protection techniques to address evolving business needs and revenue threats. Maintaining close relationships with major studios, broadcasters, industry organizations, and its unmatched partner ecosystem enables Verimatrix to provide a unique perspective on digital TV business issues beyond content security as operators seek to deliver compelling new services. For more information, please visit and our Pay TV Views blog to join the conversation.

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