Luxury Golf Resorts: Summer’s New "Office"

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The Ritz-Carlton Offers Tips for Conducting Business on the Course

CHEVY CHASE, MD–(Marketwire – July 6, 2010) –  Summer’s warm weather often beckons businessmen and women to leave the office behind and meet with clients on the course. But when shifting the setting of meetings from the office to a golf resort, many executives forget that they also need to rethink the way they do business. To that end, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., a global leader in luxury golf resorts, hotels, service and lifestyle, has created a few simple tips to help businessmen and women make the transition with ease.

Some of the company’s best tips include:

  • Invite the heavy-hitters. Because meetings on the course offer the opportunity to talk with clients about their needs — and how you can solve them — it’s important to invite your day-to-day contact to the course, as well as your client’s key decision-makers.
  • Choose the right setting. Clients may embellish or downplay their prowess on the course, so book your tee time at a luxury golf resort that offers challenging play for those at a variety of skill levels.
  • Play with a plan. Before you arrive at the course, set a few attainable business goals and plan your path to reach them. Make a mental checklist of important points, new product offerings and services you’d like to include in your discussions.
  • Skip the martinis. Cocktails with clients are commonplace, but under the heat of the summer sun the alcohol may negatively impact your play and your ability to close the deal. Instead, save the martinis for your post-play dinner.
  • Have patience. Don’t jump into a business discussion at the first hole. Instead, engage your clients personally, then gradually steer the discussion toward business as you navigate the first five or six holes of the course.
  • Play to your ability. Don’t insult potential or current clients by intentionally playing below your ability. Instead, play the game to your individual skill level and, if you do play a match, use the handicap system to establish a level playing field.

Once the game is over and dinner is done, follow up with clients with a handwritten thank you letter or thoughtful memento and let them know you appreciated their time.

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