Clean Hotels Rooms Start with the Design

Interior Image Group teams up with Crypton in designing “clean” guest rooms for luxury hotels by utilizing environmentally friendly fabrics that guarantee permanent protection and durability. Hotels look to interior designers to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, but can also be easily maintained. Advances in technology have opened the doors to creating visually distinctive interiors that meets the demands of these industries.

Through interior design, a space can become simultaneously luxurious, comfortable, and hygienic benefiting both guests and owners. Interior Image Group carefully selects furniture, fixtures and equipment to highlight a property’s space. Now, Crypton’s microbial resistant fabrics allow Interior Image Group to choose products that allow rooms to stay in service, and in turn, producing additional revenue.

Utilizing microbial resistant elements is also an extremely important consideration when designing for commercial spaces such as healthcare and education facilities.

Interior Image Group’s expert team of interior designers will showcase their design of a luxury hotel “clean” guest room at the HI Connect Conference, March 21-23 at the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville, TN.

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