Brando Enterprises Becomes Founding Member of Tetiaroa Society

SOURCE: Brando Enterprises

Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Research, Education and Preservation of the Famed Atoll Which Will Be Home to The Brando Eco-Resort

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–(Marketwire – October 22, 2010) – Brando Enterprises has joined the Tetiaroa Society as a founding member, donating start-up funds for the non-profit organization committed to research, education and preservation of the late actor’s famed atoll which will be the site of The Brando eco-resort slated for completion late 2012.

Located only 35 miles from Tahiti, Tetiaroa is an atoll consisting of 12-islands circled by a coral reef that was purchased by Marlon Brando in 1965.

The centerpiece of the Tetiaroa Society is the organization’s research center on the atoll designed to serve as a resource facility offering researchers and scientists around the world a place to gather and conduct biodiversity research, as well as to coordinate educational programs for Tetiaroa’s residents, local school children and visitors. Universities throughout the world are already in contact with the Society to arrange for research projects, while locally the research center is preparing the launch of “green” classes for primary and secondary Polynesian school children to discover the richness of the atoll and of the local culture.

Headed up by respected French Polynesian expert Dr. Hinano Bagnis who serves as the organization’s Executive Director, the Tetiaroa Society has begun to create an advisory board comprised of renowned scientists involved in biodiversity research, including Dr. Cecile Gaspar, a specialist in sea turtles’ protection.

Also serving as part of the Tetiaroa Society’s founding membership are Te Mana o Te Moana (, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental protection of the marine life of French Polynesia, Coral Reef Institute of French Polynesia, an organization specializing in reef preservation and marine research, SA Frangipani, the legal owner of the Tetiaroa atoll and Pacific Beachcomber SC (, the developer of The Brando eco-resort. Marlon Brando’s son Teihotu Brando serves as a vice president and board member for the Society where he has an active role in the non-profit organization’s design and development.

In addition to the Tetiaroa Society’s main headquarters on the atoll, the organization will also establish a US office to be based in Los Angeles.

“We are delighted to welcome Brando Enterprises as a founding member of The Tetiaroa Society, whose generous support will enable our organization to create a scientific and educational window into the biodiversity of Tetiaroa,” said Bagnis. “Brando Enterprises’ first and foremost mission is to ensure that the vision Marlon Brando had for protecting the atoll is fully maintained. Through their support, the Tetiaroa Society can serve as a proponent for public awareness regarding the fragility of our biodiversity.”

“The Tetiaroa Society is an exciting organization and fundamental to our most important missions and Marlon’s core objectives — research education and preservation to ensure the protection of the atoll and to open it up for biodiversity research. We are also pleased to work with Hinano Bagnis, whose career has been dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of French Polynesia while promoting the region for tourism and research,” said Mike Medavoy, a Co-Director of Brando Enterprises along with Larry Dressler and Avra Douglas.

The Brando is a luxury eco-resort true to Mr. Brando’s original vision for Tetiaroa that features 47 deluxe bungalow villas (each with private plunge pools), a spa, fitness center, community pool, as well as various island activities including scuba diving and archaeological tours of royal Tahitian historical sites. Nature protection ranks as the highest objective of The Brando which will operate with a sea water air conditioning system (SWAC) which draws on an inexhaustible supply of completely renewable energy and thus has zero impact on the environment.

About Brando Enterprises

Brando Enterprises was established in 2009 by The Marlon Brando Living Trust to consolidate aspects of the Brando Trust and former Brando loan out corporation Penny Poke Farms into a single operating entity. Brando Enterprises’ mission is to protect the Marlon Brando name, likeness and personality, manage the preservation and archiving of Brando memorabilia for the purpose of future exploitation and film participation interests and oversee licensing programs based on the iconic film star according to his wishes and on behalf of the Brando family beneficiaries. Co-trustees are movie producer Mike Medavoy, accountant and business manager Larry Dressler and family friend Avra Douglas. For more information, please visit