Statement Issued by Paul Pastorek on Behalf of the O’Keefe Family

SOURCE: EADS North America

BATON ROUGE, LA–(Marketwire – August 18, 2010) –  On Tuesday evening, August 17, 2010 at 6:00 p.m., Kevin O’Keefe was released from Providence Alaska Medical Center. Kevin wishes to thank everyone who helped him recover from the disaster that occurred just over one week ago.

“I cannot begin to express the depth of gratitude I have for the people who helped me survive and recover from the accident. Specifically, I want to thank the first responders who spent the night with me, my father, and my fellow passengers, and those who attended to us under extremely difficult circumstances, especially Doctor Dani. I’d also like to thank the courageous first responders who conducted the rescue operation from the mountainside; the first responders who brought us to Anchorage; the medical staff at Providence Alaska Medical Center; the Family Assistance Foundation personnel; and the personnel at General Communication, Inc.,” Kevin O’Keefe said.

While this was a harrowing experience, Kevin is on his way to recovery because of the many people who have done so much to support him. Kevin has more work to do to fully recuperate, but his family is hopeful that he will have a swift and complete recovery.

“We are thankful for the outpouring of support that has come from all of those concerned with our well-being. Our family asks that everyone continue to support the loved ones of all of those who didn’t survive the accident,” Kevin said.

Kevin also wants to thank his fellow survivors who provided comfort throughout it all.  Kevin asks for prayers, especially for his dad, Sean O’Keefe, CEO of EADS North America. Sean O’Keefe remains hospitalized, but is making steady progress toward recovery.

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