Prospect Capital Invests $52.4 Million of Debt and Equity in AIRMALL USA

SOURCE: Prospect Capital Corporation

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – August 2, 2010) –  Prospect Capital Corporation (NASDAQ: PSEC) (“Prospect”) announced today that Prospect has invested $52.4 million of combined debt and equity in AIRMALL USA Inc. (“AIRMALL” or the “Company”), a leading developer and manager of airport retail operations.

Founded in 1991, AIRMALL has developed and currently manages all or substantially all of the retail operations within the Boston (Logan), Baltimore-Washington (BWI), Pittsburgh (PIT), and Cleveland (Hopkins) international airports. The Company does so pursuant to long-term, infrastructure-like contracts with the respective municipal agencies that own and operate the airports. At each of the airports, AIRMALL has been responsible for designing, constructing, leasing, and actively managing the retail space, which includes restaurants, lounges, news and gift shops, specialty retail shops, retail services (e.g., ATMs), food courts, and other common areas. Each year, nearly 50 million passengers pass through airport terminals where AIRMALL manages the retail operations. AIRMALL presently oversees nearly 300 individual retail locations. The Company is also pursuing new development and management contracts with other U.S. airports.

Of Prospect’s $52.4 million total investment, $30.0 million is structured as senior secured operating company debt, $12.5 million as holding company debt, and $9.9 million as controlling preferred equity. Prior to the change of control, AIRMALL had been operating as a subsidiary of BAA Limited of the UK under the name BAA USA. All of the managers of AIRMALL remain with the company.

“We are enthusiastic to work with Prospect to grow AIRMALL’s presence as the leading provider of airport retail development and management services,” said Mark Knight, President of AIRMALL. “We continue to work to improve the passenger experience and drive retail sales at each of the Boston, Baltimore-Washington, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland airports, and we hope to work with other airports to do the same.”

“We are excited to support the managers of AIRMALL as they continue to grow the business,” said Bart J. de Bie, a Managing Director of Prospect Capital Management. “We have been impressed with AIRMALL’s history of producing strong financial results built on underlying contracted cash flows. Our investment demonstrates Prospect’s ability to make ‘one-stop’ combined debt and equity investments as one of Prospect’s strategies to drive yield and total return for our shareholders.”

AIRMALL is a registered trademark of AIRMALL USA Inc.

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