HSI CEO Discusses "Travel Promotion Act" With President Obama and Senator Harry Reid

SOURCE: Holiday Systems International

LAS VEGAS, NV–(Marketwire – September 8, 2010) – Holiday Systems International (HSI) continues to lead in making travel an integral part of the U.S. economic recovery. The Travel Promotion Act (TPA) is one element of the recovery plan.

The TPA is designed to increase foreign tourism into the United States, thereby creating jobs and stimulating the U.S. economy. Both President Obama and Senator Harry Reid have contributed to its enactment. HSI’s CEO, Mr. Craig Morganson, recently met with the President and the Senate Majority Leader to discuss the TPA.

When questioned about his recent briefing on the TPA, Mr. Morganson said:

“The Travel Promotion Act (TPA) is something I’ve discussed with both the President and the Senate Majority Leader. Bills like the TPA are only as good as the bill’s drafters and the bill’s facilitators. When I heard about the TPA, I thought it sounded great. The name certainly suggested a positive impact on the U.S. travel industry (more tourists traveling to the U.S.). But I suspected it sounded too good to be true, so I started asking questions. Questions such as… How will it be funded? How will the suggested ‘travel companies’ become responsible for the ‘matching’ $10 per tourist? Which travel companies will benefit the most from the TPA? When will it become effective? Basically, I’d like to know exactly how it will be implemented.”

As a Nevada Corporation, Harry Reid represents HSI in Congress. Therefore, Senator Reid became the logical choice for HSI’s CEO to question about the status of implementation. Although the TPA was enacted into law, Mr. Morganson learned that the full implementation had yet to be worked out. However, Senator Reid outlined a very sound concept that can be realistically implemented.

Mr. Morganson went on to say:

“Yes, the U.S. should advertise more aggressively within other countries to encourage more tourism to the U.S. Yes, the concept of funding the bill through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) authorized by the Department of Homeland Security is intelligent and sustainable. Yes, an increase in U.S. tourism from other countries will create jobs and stimulate the U.S. economy. However, the actual advertisements that will air within other countries, what destinations they will promote, what companies those reservations will be booked through, and what countries those advertisements will target, remains to be seen.”

Mr. Morganson added a very important point:

“Stimulating the U.S. economy INCLUDES travel by U.S. CITIZENS, and this travel actually does NOT need to be within the U.S. The most important aspect of traveling is to TRAVEL SMART. Traveling to destinations such as Mexico, and other destinations where the U.S. dollar is very strong is very important to Americans. Also, traveling at the best rates is the most important factor, and is how HSI empowers its members every day.”

Nevertheless, the Travel Promotion Act is important for increasing foreign tourism to the U.S., and although it seems to be a little behind schedule, both President Obama and Senator Harry Reid have assured Mr. Morganson that they are 100% dedicated to its success.

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