Equity Research on AMR Corporation and Continental Airlines — Airliners On Top of the World, But Will This Last?

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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA–(Marketwire – August 25, 2010) –  www.stockcall.com/ offers investors comprehensive research on the major airlines industry and has completed analytical research on AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR) and Continental Airlines Inc. (NYSE: CAL). Register with us today at www.stockcall.com/ to have free access to these researches. 

With people and businesses having had less disposable income during the recession, the major airlines industry suffered a great deal. Some estimate the damage during 2008-9 to have erased a decade of industry growth with passenger fares and seating capacity dropping under 1999 levels. Register now at https://stockcall.com/development/stockcall/page.php?name=register.html to have free access to our reports on the major airlines industry.

www.stockcall.com/ is an online platform where investors doing their due-diligence on the major airlines industry can have easy and free access to our analyst research and opinions on AMR Corporation and Continental Airlines Inc.; investors and shareholders of these companies can simply register for a complimentary membership at https://stockcall.com/development/stockcall/page.php?name=register.html

So far this year the industry has seen a reversal in fortunes. Most companies posted significantly higher earnings than 2009. Passenger traffic is up both domestically and internationally, and fares are back up to 1999 levels. A report by the Air Transport Association of America estimates an average increase of 20 percent in passenger revenue compared to the same month last year. This marks the seventh month of growth in a row.

Continental Airlines Inc. reversed a loss in the same quarter last year with a profit of $233 million including items and saw its revenue grow by 18.6%. Continental Airlines Inc. research report is available for free by signing up now at www.stockcall.com/CAL250810.pdf.

Whilst most of its peers danced to the sweet melody of profit, AMR Corp. missed the invite posting a loss of $10.7 million with consolation that last year it booked a loss of $390 million. AMR Corporation research report is accessible for free by registering today at www.stockcall.com/AMR250810.pdf.

As the summer travel months draw to a close the Airline Industry will be hoping that the shaky economy finds its footing and provides them with sufficient business travel to continue their recent growth. Many companies are looking to joint business ventures, alliances and mergers to stabilize and secure their position in the recovering industry. Visit www.stockcall.com/ to see how companies in this industry have grown over the past years and how they are expected to perform in the future.

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