All Nippon Airways: Notice Regarding Merger of Consolidated Subsidiaries

SOURCE: All Nippon Airways

TOKYO–(Marketwire – July 15, 2010) –  The Company hereby announces that, in a decision made at the meetings of their respective Boards of Directors held on July 15, 2010, four of its consolidated subsidiaries, namely ANA Sales Co., Ltd. (“ASX”), ANA Sales Hokkaido Co., Ltd. (“ASH”), ANA Sales Kyushu Co., Ltd. (“ASK”), and ANA Sales Okinawa Co., Ltd. (“ASO”) will merge, as noted below:

1. Objective of the Merger
In accordance with the ANA Group FY2010-2011 Corporate Strategy announced on March 19, 2010, the Company will be reorganizing its sales structure with the goal of improving its mobility and ability to execute, while consolidating functions and streamlining systems. By making ANA Sales, which is responsible for ANA ticket sales in Japan and the operation of the Sky Holiday and Hallo Tours travel businesses, a single entity, the Company hopes to shift to a management structure which makes better use of its human resources, postulated on a consolidation of overlapping functions and an improvement in personnel mobility.

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President and CEO: Shinichiro Ito
(Code number: 9202, First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange)

Director, General Administration
Yasuo Tanji
(Tel. +81-3-6735-1001)

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