Spiral Solutions Launches Unique Affiliate Platform for Newly Regulated Markets

SOURCE: Spiral Solutions Ltd.

New Affiliate Management and Tracking Platform to Be Debuted in French Market Under the Name of PariSpin

LONDON–(Marketwire – October 20, 2010) –  Spiral Solutions Ltd., a leading provider of managed eGaming services, has launched a new affiliate platform, specifically tailored for newly regulated eGaming markets. The new platform will enable traffic sources wishing to extend their reach far beyond the traditional affiliate and online channels to monetize their traffic on the rapidly growing newly regulated markets.

The platform will initially be deployed in the French market, trading under the name PariSpin, serving as a bridge between ARJEL licensed operators and various French facing businesses looking to enter the eGaming space such as media companies and existing affiliates. By joining the PariSpin program, prospective traffic sources will be exposed to variety of ARJEL licensed operators via the advanced PariSpin platform.

“The new platform is a landmark innovation for newly regulated eGaming markets,” said Matti Zinder, head of Spiral Solutions Ltd. “We have developed a fresh approach to the regulated eGaming market, with a combination of business and marketing services, cutting-edge technology, and now an effective traffic solution. Not only do we help set-up and establish an operator’s business in a newly regulated market, we also help drive traffic to their online poker room — this is truly a complete solution. We’re looking forward to launching PariSpin in France and Spiral Solutions will license the platform to other regulated markets soon.”

Through PariSpin, affiliates will have access to a variety of marketing tools, including banners with full tracking systems for many ARJEL licensed operators who have already joined the program. It also enables media companies who are unable or unwilling to gain ARJEL certification and operate their own poker room to capitalise on the fast-growing eGaming industry in France by becoming a traffic source.

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