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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Nov. 30, 2010) – Next generation poker site PKR.com has recently added a beginners section to its extensive library of free online poker strategy content – Raise Your Game. Written by PKR Team Pros, top poker journalists and industry legends, this new content is aimed specifically at those players who are starting out and in need of a confidence boost to take them to the next level.

The Raise Your Game Beginners content is specially designed to take players through the vital steps of deciding when to move to real money, how to make a first deposit and bankroll management, to the importance of position and playing more than one table. The content will sit within the already developed library which features over 300 articles on Sit & Go, MTT’s and Ring Game Strategies for either intermediate or advanced levels.

Marketing Manager, Erika Schwartz Poole, commented, “The new beginner’s content is perfect to get players moving to the next level with the right knowledge and game plan. It teaches key elements to make the best choices with your bankroll.”

About Raise Your Game Beginners Strategy

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Looking after your bankroll

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