iFreeBet Now Funnels the Latest Free Bets Direct to Your Inbox

EDINBURGH, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwire – Sept. 28, 2010) – Signing up for iFreeBet’s newsletter is like signing up for free money. Your handy-as-hell, no strings attached email newsletter is packed full of the latest offers (or links to them) and gives you a very convenient way to check out which betting establishments have the very best free bet offers at that point in time. iFreeBet even has ties with certain betting houses that mean they can pass on to you some excusive offers only open to iFreeBet and help you to rapidly start making free money.

Not only does iFreeBet offer you the best and most comprehensive selection of free bets around accessible directly from your email inbox, they also have an easy to follow tutorial and odds matcher which can help you get going if you are new to the free betting system.

Basically by following iFreeBet’s matched betting system, (which has been widely reported in the press of late as the modern gambler’s not-so-well-kept-secret), you can slowly build up your profits based on matching regular bets with ‘lay’ bets until you qualify for a free bet, then by using your free bet you guarantee a win. Then by moving on to the next free betting offers on iFreeBet’s list you can start the process again until you make a second win. This process can continue as long as there are free bets to be had and profits increase based on the size of the free bet offer. iFreeBet even has a video guide to walk you through the system step by step.

‘The Oddsmatcher’ is another invaluable tool for you and the legions of matched betters taking advantage of iFreeBet’s incredible system. The ‘Oddsmatcher’ is a great tool which helps you find the closest matched bets in the fastest possible time. The very simple format lets you select your:

  • Bookmaker
  • Betting exchange
  • Bet type
  • Minimum back odds

If you have tried matched betting and struggle with this part of the process, iFreeBet really has hit the bullseye with this tool. It really takes any remaining difficult parts of your process and hands you the answer on a plate ready for the plucking.

Once you have signed up for your email newsletter, you will have access to each and every free bet, exclusive bets and all the useful advice from their blog right at your fingertips making iFreeBet a key source for betting tips and up to the minute betting advice. iFreeBet is very proud of its work helping you grab yourself the highest returns with the lowest risk.