Clean Sweeps Holdings Sweeps Up Big With $5.7 Million Sweepstakes Financing Program

SOURCE: City Capital Corp.

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – September 30, 2010) – City Capital Corporation’s (PINKSHEETS: CTCC) wholly owned subsidiary Clean Sweeps Holdings, LLC announces the launch of their major $5.7M financing initiative this fall. Through a strategic partnership with several national and international banks, Clean Sweeps Holdings, LLC has secured credit based financing for future strategic partners in the Sweep Income program. This new financing arrangement makes available millions in new financing dollars for their sweepstakes division partners.

“We have been working for over a year to bring this option to the table for our clients and partners. Competitive financing options are critical in this economy to successful business partnerships. Our new partners now have a solid 100% no money down financing option. This is a game changer, and a major momentum shift of the growth of this company. This could easily add an additional $6M-$7M to the top line if we can execute on the marketing over the next 12 months,” said Ephren Taylor, CEO of City Capital Corporation.

The company expects a significant increase in sales of their sweepstakes platform due to the new deal. The arrangement provides for small business owners to now participate in the sweepstakes business with 100% no money down credit based financing. Credit based financing for sweepstakes partners will place the product in the hands of the small business owner without using their existing cash reserves. The company expects the arrangement to increase sales, and the company has seen an immediate increase in demand earlier in the week.

The company plans to launch a national ad campaign later this year to market their line of sweepstake based gaming solutions. In past months the company tested a multi faceted marketing initiative comprised of multiple forms of broadcast media. As a result of the successful campaign, thousands of interested current and aspiring business owners contacted the firm.

Earlier this month the company announced the opening of five new retail centers in Virginia. The company anticipates investing approximately $100,000 per new retail location for a total capital contribution not to exceed $500,000 in buildout over the next ninety days. The company is targeting additional gross revenue from the five new locations of approximately $700,000 annually. The estimated target revenue is based solely on the average unaudited gross sales of existing operating locations in the region. Management at the company anticipates having the five new locations up and operating within the next quarter.

Sweepstakes Income games allow players to win cash prizes at terminals located in shopping centers and kiosks. The games attract players of all types, diversifying the clientele that frequent retail business entities. Comparable to the McDonald’s Monopoly gaming concept, yet they offer far more feasible probabilities for achieving victory. And perhaps more significantly, owners of Sweepstakes gaming machines regularly experience significant, rapid revenue generation that is simplistically sustainable.

Gaming terminal owners agree to pay a percentage of proceeds to Clean Sweeps Holdings, LLC, which in turn donates a hefty portion of every penny earned to various charities and other socially conscious projects. The entire Clean Sweep Holdings, LLC gaming system presents a win-win-win situation for consumers, retail business owners and individual entrepreneurs marketing the opportunity. For the consumer, the cash incentive based gaming system presents an exciting avenue for entertainment. For retail business owners that house the units, an influx of new clientele is experienced. And for the owners of the gaming units, affordable, sustainable passive income streams are generated.

About Clean Sweeps Holdings, LLC

Clean Sweeps Holdings, a wholly owned subsidiary based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, currently leverages innovative gaming technology to assist retail merchants in increasing revenue while assisting charities with raising much needed financial resources. The software itself is an interactive suite of video games that allows merchants to run their own private sweepstakes to encourage customers to spend more in their retail locations. When consumers purchase the promoted items, a portion of those proceeds helps to raise financial resources for selected charities. The company earns revenue from managing the software and hardware solutions on a subscription and percentage basis. The company has recently collaborated with several development partners for continued expansion of new and engaging interactive applications to increase the effectiveness of the existing platform.

About City Capital Corporation

City Capital Corporation (PINKSHEETS: CTCC), founded in 1984, is a leader in the production and distribution of emerging new gaming technology. Its holdings include corporate owned retail stores and partnerships across the nation. City Capital also maintains its long track-record of both building value for investors and shareholders, while keeping with its socially responsible focus. A significant share of profits are donated to charity and other worthwhile causes.


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