Zakouma National Park Welcomes Visit from Field Marshal of Chad

African Parks was honoured to receive the Field Marshal of Chad, President of the Republic, Head of State, Idriss Deby Itno in Zakouma National Park on December 10th – 11th.

The Presidential delegation, which included Ministers, Advisors and also the Governor of Salamat, seen the playground as part of the official tour of Salamat province.

This distinctive Sudano-Sahelian landscape has become a safe haven for wildlife, a supply of benefits for individuals and a worldwide regarded character destination.

“We have to salute the attempts made by Chadians and African Parks with financing in the European Union. Now, Zakouma National Park is rehabilitated… I appeal here for Chadians to come and find Zakouma National Park. This is their playground. It’s a national asset.

During their trip to the playground, the delegation engaged in talks with senior African American Parks agents, assessing key changes and future measures to guarantee the delivery of longterm rewards for wildlife and people.

“We look forward to building on this progress using the Chadian Government and with our financial partners, improving its donations to local communities and also to national growth.”

Situated between the Sahara Desert and the shore areas of Central Africa, Zakouma comprises a number of the most important inhabitants of West and Central African wildlife. It’s refuge to Chad’s biggest population of elephants and more than half of the planet’s remaining inhabitants of Kordofan giraffes.

Over the previous ten decades, poaching was basically removed, allowing the elephant population to develop to the first time in years along with other species, such as black rhino, to come back. Not only are local communities too benefitting from enhanced safety, but by the growth of schools, occupation and out of Zakouma’s participation through tourism into the national and local market. In 2019, TIME called Zakouma among the World’s Greatest Places.

Zakouma’s ecological and economic transformation is permitted by the very important aid of the European Union, Fondation Segré along with a lot of other institutional and private donors.