I’m just a good ol’ boy from Texas but I’m smart enough not to get fooled. I’d had my eye on buying a ’57 Chevy ever since I was a kid, but never got round to it. I just recently decided now was the time.

Well, I may be old and set in my ways but that don’t mean I can’t use the internet. I’m pretty darn good on a computer and I like to see what I can see. One day, on autotrader, I saw a car. It was exactly what I wanted. And now, I was going to buy something just ‘cause I wanted it.

The car was perfect. It was restored to its 1957 glory. It was red. It was a convertible. I aimed to own it. I called the seller and told him I wanted to take a look-see. Since we lived about four hours from each other, we agreed to meet in the middle. He’d bring the car and I’d bring a deposit so he wouldn’t sell to anybody else. The deposit was 50% of the price, which I thought was sort of pricey, but I already loved that car.

Well, the sheriff who’s a friend of mine heard what I was going to do, and he warned me. He said I was going to see that car, have to have it, and fork over my deposit. Then I’d  never see the car again. I told him I was smarter than that. He told me to prove it. He said I needed to get the seller to agree to use an escrow website to protect us both. After he told me about a couple, I agreed to take a look.

After I saw some of those escrow websites, a couple didn’t look too convincing. Then I saw I’m here to tell you that sometimes I judge a company by its website, and so far that’s worked for me. Well, this one was impressive. It was professional, told me everything I needed to know, answered my questions, and even had ways to contact them. I was pretty convinced that this was the way to go. My money would be protected and I’d get a chance to try out the car. would trace the title, look at the vehicle records, and make sure that everything was on the up-and-up.

I called the seller, told him what I wanted to do, and he  agreed, because he’d heard about, too. I asked him why he hadn’t suggested it? Well, he just figured he could trust a good ol’ boy. And what about me trusting him?

Well, we met up and the Chevy was just what he claimed. Our wives had come along to get us back home. I drove that Chevy. A few days later, I called the seller and we had complete all the details. Great service!

I got his car, he got my money, and we’re all right pleased.