Media Alert: Full Body Scanner Expert Has Answer to Airport Security Anxiety

SOURCE: Millivision

Millivision’s President Offers Insights on Alternative Technology That Would Eliminate Concerns Over Full Body Scanner Radiation Leading to Pat-Down Outcry and Security Boycotts

SOUTH DEERFIELD, MA–(Marketwire – November 19, 2010) – The president of a small Massachusetts-based company has an answer for airport security community leaders struggling with the opposition to full body scanning and the resulting uproar around aggressive pat-downs.

Paul Nicholas is president of Millivision, the developer of a non-radiating full body scanner that can detect threats with none of the health concerns associated with the current generation of airport security systems which depend on x-ray technology.

Millivision full-body scanners do not expose travelers to radiation associated with Backscatter and active millimeter wave systems but can still detect objects that would not be identified by metal detectors.

Millivision uses passive millimeter technology which eliminates the exposure to potential dangerous radiation — a safety concern that is forcing travelers to consider an equally unpopular option, aggressive pat-downs.

Millivision recently released research data that sheds new light on the public’s willingness to accept alternatives to traditional scanners. The survey revealed that 80 percent would be more willing to agree to be scanned if they knew a non-radiating full-body scanner was being used.

Millivision systems also employ privacy controls that address concerns raised by the public over the images generated by traditional scanners. The survey found that 70 percent of respondents would be more willing to submit to scans if privacy-protection features were being used.

Paul Nicholas is available to comment on these and other issues related to the current controversy surrounding the use of full body scanners in airports.

About Millivision:
Millivision Technologies is a privately-held company based in South Deerfield, MA. Millivision products address the needs of many different facets of the security market, including commercial aviation, mass transit, municipal and government facilities, essential infrastructure, and corporate loss prevention. These markets are anticipated to grow rapidly over the coming years. Our patent-protected technology and superior field-tested results provide a significant market advantage over competing companies.

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