The New SousVide Supreme Demi Offers Cooking Convenience Plus Additional Counter Space

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Sleek, Compact Appliance Delivers Delicious Foolproof Meals With Minimal Hands-On Preparation

SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwire – October 26, 2010) –  Eades Appliance Technology (EAT) today introduced the latest addition to its line of countertop appliances, the SousVide Supreme™ Demi. Designed to simplify cooking and maximize flavor, nutrition and budget, the Demi offers the same unparalleled convenience as the popular SousVide Supreme, but in a smaller water oven. With a countertop footprint the size of a Crock-Pot®, the all-in-one Demi uses the same type of PID-controlled heating element contained in the SousVide Supreme. The Demi’s hands-off cooking convenience and 9-liter capacity — enough to cook 12 four-ounce portions — offer an easy solution to having dinner ready and waiting at the end of the day. Priced at $299.95, and with a selection of five colors, the Demi is available immediately in the US at

The Demi is the newest of the SousVide Supreme products, created to bring the sous vide culinary technique from gourmet restaurants to kitchen countertops, and to simplify everyday meal preparation. The sous vide technique involves vacuum-sealing food in airtight pouches, then simmering the pouches in a low-temperature water bath with a precisely maintained temperature throughout the cooking duration. With this method, food is gently cooked to perfection from edge to edge, flavor and texture are enhanced, nutrients are locked in, and users can prepare perfect gourmet-quality meals every time, without fail. Due to the low cooking temperatures (typically between 140 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit), many foods can be left simmering for hours without the risk of overcooking, and removed just prior to serving.

“I truly believe sous vide cooking is the way of the future — there is simply nothing that can beat it in terms of convenience, quality, versatility and results,” said renowned chef Richard Blais, known for his innovative food featured on Top Chef. “If you’re a novice cook, you can’t screw it up. If you’re more advanced, it’s a totally new way to cook that offers hours of experimentation. The new Demi makes sous vide cooking even more accessible, and dinner tables everywhere are in for some exciting meals.”

A variety of foods can be cooked sous vide, including seafood, meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, vegetables, desserts, and even infused alcohols. The technique achieves fail-safe results, with steak cooked medium-rare from edge to edge; vibrant vegetables; tender, juicy chicken breasts; and ribs with meat falling off the bone. In addition, sous vide cooking is economical because it breaks down the fibers through the slow-cooking process, giving tougher and less expensive cuts of meat — such as flank steak or brisket — the tenderness and texture of filet mignon, for a fraction of the cost.

The SousVide Supreme product line simplifies what was once a complex culinary technique, making it practical for all users, from the accomplished cook to the rank novice. For cooking in the Demi, meals are prepped in two easy steps: seasoning, using anything from simple salt and pepper to combinations of seasoned butters, broths, and fresh herbs; and vacuum-sealing in food-grade plastic pouches suitable for cooking. Then the pouches are submerged in the Demi’s preheated water bath and left to simmer for the appropriate time, or until ready to serve.

“There is enormous interest in products that simplify cooking, and even more enthusiasm for those that offer increased food value and quality,” said Dr. Mary Dan Eades, co-founder of EAT and a respected nutrition expert, author, and developer of the SousVide Supreme. “The smaller Demi model is perfect for people with limited counter space, households that are only cooking for a few, or existing SousVide Supreme users who want the flexibility to cook foods at different temperatures simultaneously.”

The compact SousVide Supreme Demi boasts a 9-liter cooking chamber and comes in white, black, red, cobalt and grey finishes. The steel casing houses an aluminum container with non-stick coating, and aluminum base plate. The aluminum lid can be inverted to hold cooking pouches when they are removed from the water bath. The energy-efficient Demi (approximately 11″ wide x 13″ long x 11″ high) sits conveniently on the countertop. Just like the original SousVide Supreme (the 11-liter premium stainless steel model), the Demi maintains water temperature to within one-degree Fahrenheit, using a patent-pending PID-controlled heating element to ensure accurate results, which is the key to sous vide success. The Demi ships complete with a detachable power cord, neoprene insulating lid blanket, grill rack to separate food pouches, and instructional manual and DVD.

About SousVide Supreme Products
Passionate about nutritious, flavorful foods, the Eades family and their research experts at US-based Eades Appliance Technology LLC created the SousVide Supreme and a range of sous vide cooking products. Sous vide is an extremely effective method of cooking whereby food is vacuum-sealed in airtight, food-grade pouches and submerged into a water bath at precisely controlled temperatures — often much lower than used in traditional ovens, but for a longer time. A technique long respected by gourmet chefs for its reliability and improved food quality, sous vide cooking is now available to everyone — from the accomplished cook to the rank novice — thanks to the SousVide Supreme product line.

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