SousVide Supreme Wins Coveted Popular Science Innovation Award

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Breakthrough SousVide Supreme Praised as One of 100 Technologies Shaping the Future

SEATTLE, WA–(Marketwire – November 30, 2010) – Eades Appliance Technology (EAT) today announced its SousVide Supreme™ water oven was selected to be honored in Popular Science’s annual “Best of What’s New” December issue. The prestigious award celebrates leaders in technology, and is given to 100 of the most revolutionary products available on the market. Of the 11 products honored in the “home tech” category, the SousVide Supreme is the only food-related product selected to receive the Innovation Award.

The SousVide Supreme is the sleek, countertop water oven that simplifies what was once a complex culinary technique, making it practical for all cooks. Sous vide cooking originated in France, and has been a favored technique of gourmet chefs worldwide, yet it was generally limited to upscale restaurants and commercial kitchens due to the complexity and high costs of the cooking equipment. Now, with its innovative, compact design and convection current technology that regulates cooking temperatures to within one degree Fahrenheit, the SousVide Supreme has brought gourmet cooking to kitchen countertops, for a fraction of the price of commercial units.

The sous vide technique involves vacuum-sealing food in airtight pouches, then simmering the pouches in a low-temperature water bath with a precisely maintained temperature throughout the cooking duration. Due to the low cooking temperatures (typically between 140 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit), many foods can be left simmering for hours without the risk of overcooking, and removed just prior to serving. With this method, food is gently cooked to perfection from edge to edge, flavor and texture are enhanced, nutrients are locked in, and users can prepare perfect gourmet-quality meals every time, without fail.

“It has been our goal to make sous vide cooking the wave of the future — something that can be done in the home kitchen without having to spend a fortune,” said Dr. Mary Dan Eades, co-founder of EAT, developer of the SousVide Supreme, and a respected nutrition expert and author. “We’re honored to be named among today’s cutting-edge products, and see this as a very important step in making ‘sous vide’ part of the everyday routine of home cooks and culinary enthusiasts around the world.”

Just in time for the holidays, EAT has also introduced a smaller version of their award-winning SousVide Supreme (MSRP $449), called the SousVide Supreme Demi (MSRP $299). Available in five colors, the Demi delivers all the performance of the original model, but in a more compact version. Both are dream gifts for foodies and busy families alike, and can be purchased at, where limited-time gift bundles and discounts will be available throughout the holiday season.

About Eades Appliance Technology and SousVide Supreme Products
Passionate about nutritious, flavorful foods, the Eades family and their research experts at US-based Eades Appliance Technology LLC created the SousVide Supreme and a range of sous vide cooking products. Sous vide is an extremely effective method of cooking whereby food is vacuum-sealed in airtight, food-grade pouches and submerged into a water bath at precisely controlled temperatures — often much lower than used in traditional ovens, but for a longer time. A technique long respected by gourmet chefs for its reliability and improved food quality, sous vide cooking is now available to everyone — from the accomplished cook to the rank novice — thanks to the SousVide Supreme product line.

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