Obesitysolvers.com Supports Toy Ban Opposition by Former San Francisco Supervisor

SOURCE: Creative Consumer Concepts

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – October 29, 2010) –  Bob Cutler, CEO of Creative Consumer Concepts (C3) and sponsor of obesitysolvers.com, is praising the views of Michael Yaki, a San Francisco attorney and former member of the city’s Board of Supervisors. “If this man was still in office,” Cutler said, “perhaps the city would be more aggressively solving its real problems, and not letting this nonsense about eliminating toys in kids’ meals drag on and on.” 

In action October 19, the Board of Supervisors delayed until November 2 a vote on an ordinance that would limit toys or incentives to kids’ meals that meet calorie, fruit and vegetable specifications. Supervisor Eric Mar believes that passage of such a law is essential to fighting childhood obesity; Yaki called the ordinance “a popgun approach.”

In a recent blog post at www.sfgate.com, Yaki, who serves on the United States Commission on Civil Rights, criticized the law, calling it “useless and symbolic,” and reiterated support for traditional obesity-fighting tactics such as education, exercise and alternatives. According to Yaki, the supervisors should “deal with an out-of-control budget that can’t fund basic programs for kids that would get them off their duffs… and create healthier menus in schools,” Yaki said, describing those as difference-makers that affect a kid’s mind and self-perception.

Yaki also questioned the motivations behind the law, citing an ambitious city attorney’s office and comparisons to how the federal government treats cigarette companies. “The toy, in and of itself, is not a gateway ticket to obesity,” Yaki wrote, calling childhood obesity a “real problem requiring real solutions.”

C3 CEO Cutler agreed with Yaki’s assessment of the ordinance as a “self-important, press-grabbing social engineering experiment.” Cutler stated, “This is all about political posturing of a select few, and in no way represents the many constituents who appreciate the freedom to make choices for their families.”

Visit www.sfgate.com to read the blog post and related comments.

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