VRX Studios Enters Software Realm with MediaValet

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Oct. 28, 2010) – VRX Worldwide Inc. (TSX VENTURE:VRW) is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, VRX Studios Inc. (“VRX”) has released the community preview of its new, one hundred percent cloud-based, digital asset management system, MediaValet.

“Two years ago we started looking for a digital asset management system that could help us manage our rapidly growing archive of travel related virtual tours, video slideshows, still images and interactive maps,” commented David MacLaren, president and CEO of VRX. “Our challenge was the large amount of digital content that we were steadily amassing and the thousands of hotels around the world that wanted access to the content on a regular basis.”

“Failing an exhaustive search for an existing solution, we made the difficult decision to enter the software realm and develop our own digital asset management system,” stated MacLaren.

MediaValet™ is an enterprise class, digital asset management system that’s a hundred percent cloud-based, highly scalable, globally accessible, and can handle thousands of users at a time.

The advent of the Cloud has enable VRX Studios to create one of the first global digital asset management systems, and in the process, has expanded VRX Studios’ opportunities beyond the travel industry.

MediaValet™ is built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure ‘cloud’ platform. Azure provides the scalability, reliability, and global reach necessary to satisfy the system requirements of large organizations that have terabytes of digital assets, multiple locations, suppliers and distribution channels, and dozens – if not thousands – of users.

“To our surprise, many of our hotel customers have been experiencing similar content management challenges as we have,” stated MacLaren. “We look forward to introducing them to MediaValet™ and to exploring opportunities beyond the travel industry.”


Through a decade of growth, innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, consistency and customer service, VRX Studios is the leading provider of Photography, Content Management and Licensing services to the global hospitality and travel industries. Through our comprehensive suite of products, covering Architectural, Destination, Food and Beverage and Lifestyle Photography, Content Management, Distribution, Licensing and Presentation, we help hospitality and travel companies capture and showcase their brands to the world – making people take notice.

VRX Studios Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of VRX Worldwide Inc. (TSX VENTURE:VRW).

To learn more about MediaValet™, visit www.mediavalet.co.