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SPARTA, NC–(Marketwire – December 1, 2010) – Amano Pioneer Eclipse® (“APEC”), a worldwide manufacturer of professional floor care products, makes it easy to be green even when cleaning carpets. Their EnviroStar Green® carpet care system is an effective and cost saving method to meet many of today’s green requirements. The system is comprised of four products — a dual purpose extractor & pre-spray cleaner, an extraction rinse, a soil release bonnet buff and an all purpose spotter. 

APEC chemists developed EnviroStar Green from specific raw ingredients that met specific green requirements. The benefits of using the EnviroStar Green system however, go well beyond meeting strict environmental standards. “Our green products are not only earth friendly, they also reduce certain ill effects produced by other conventional systems,” states Jacqueline Van Delft, VP of International Operations at Amano Pioneer Eclipse. “We use raw ingredients that are not classified as skin sensitizers to lower irritancy commonly found in traditional chemistry. This produces a more comfortable and healthier environment for everyone.”

Most traditional cleaning processes leave some residue on the carpet. Not only can this residue trigger allergic reactions in many people, it also affects future maintenance and replacement costs. Acting like glue, residue can quickly attract new dirt to a recently cleaned floor. Commonly known as resoiling, this dirt build-up leads to more frequent cleanings that shorten the life of the carpet.

To minimize residue, Amano Pioneer Eclipse formulated EnviroStar Green products with pH levels less than 10. Compared to some traditional carpet products with levels as high as 11 to 13, a more neutral pH allows more of the chemical to be extracted, is less damaging to carpet fibers and retains existing stain blocking treatments that extend the carpet’s life. 

The EnviroStar Green carpet care system does more than reduce the environmental impact of traditional cleaning. Competitively priced, these products lower downtime and maintenance costs, extend carpet life, reduce cleaning frequency and improve the health and safety of the surrounding environment. And, most of all, they produce results as good as or better than their more harmful counterparts. It’s no wonder that professionals around the world are turning to Amano Pioneer Eclipse for all their carpet care chemicals. For more information on EnviroStar Green Carpet Products and numerous other Amano Pioneer Eclipse floor care systems, please visit In the US call 1-800-367-3550. For international inquires call 1-336-372-8080.

About Amano Pioneer Eclipsesince 1978, Amano Pioneer Eclipse has provided building service contractors with mechanical and chemical solutions for cleaning and maintaining all types of flooring.

Amano Pioneer Eclipse

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