Pontiflex Enhances E-mail and Social Acquisition Platform, Making It Easy for Advertisers and Agencies to Optimize Creative On-the-Fly

SOURCE: Pontiflex Inc.

New Features and Functionality in the AdLeads Platform Allow Marketers to Optimize Email and Social Campaigns in Real-Time

BROOKLYN, NY–(Marketwire – September 29, 2010) – One of New York City’s fastest-growing technology companies, Pontiflex Inc., connecting marketers with the right people to make advertising relevant, today announced key enhancements to its AdLeads platform that make it easy for advertisers and agencies to create dynamic online ads in just seconds. With the new features in the latest release of AdLeads, Pontiflex has made significant strides toward making e-mail and social acquisition every bit as simple as DoubleClick made banner advertising and Google has made search advertising.

As the online advertising industry continues to shift away from impression-based pricing models to those focused on data acquisition and long-term engagement, marketers and publishers are seeking new ways to collect and monetize user data. Pontiflex’s leading e-mail and social acquisition platform does just that by enabling consumers to sign up for ads on websites, social media apps, mobile apps and blogs and get deals and information from the brands and organizations that matter to them most. The 100-percent opt-in ad formats protect consumers’ online privacy while providing marketers with clean, relevant data about the people most likely to purchase their products or support their causes. Advertisers only pay for the sign ups — the actual data from people who have chosen to hear from them. 

Important updates in the latest version of the AdLeads platform include the ability to create ad groups based on a variety of criteria — such as type of site, time of year, daytime parts, creative elements (colors, images) and other criteria. In addition, there are new and standardized specifications for creative including 40-character headlines, 120 X 60 image option and the ability to create copy up to 120 characters in the body, allowing marketers to optimize and update creative on existing placements in near real-time. The AdLeads platform and its intuitive user interface allow marketers to deploy these ads on premium online, mobile and social publishers quickly and effortlessly. By automating mundane tasks like creative trafficking, marketers and agencies using the Pontiflex platform can devote more time to strategic initiatives that deliver constant value to the brand.

The ability to generate new creative on-the-fly and serve ads where users are logged in or signing up is especially important to savvy marketers who realize the importance and dynamic nature of social and e-mail campaigns. Using data collected via the Pontiflex opt-in format, marketers can generate on-the-fly creative like discounts and promotions to actively engage with their target audiences at the point of highest interest. Publishers benefit from the increased revenues generated by the robust technology platform and accuracy associated with creating ads that allow brands to connect to the right people. 

“Our goal is to make email and social acquisition every bit as simple and effective as search engine marketing,” said Zephrin Lasker, co-founder and CEO of Pontiflex. “We’ve made it easy for marketers and agencies to optimize their ads on-the-fly to increase their brand impact via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and other engagement vehicles.”

About Pontiflex
Pontiflex is the industry’s leading email and social acquisition platform. Pontiflex’s patent-pending technology makes advertising relevant by connecting people to the brands that matter to them. Pontiflex lets people sign up for ads on Web sites, social media apps and blogs and get deals and information from brands and organizations that they like. Advertisers only pay for sign ups — the actual data from people who have chosen to hear from them. Be it moms who sign up for the Kimberly-Clark HUGGIES “Enjoy the Ride” Loyalty Program, pet lovers who sign up to help save animals with ASPCA, or shoppers who sign up to get fashion insider information from Tommy Hilfiger, millions of people use Pontiflex every day to receive the right ads from their favorite brands and organizations.

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