NGRAIN Remains US Army Transportation School’s Choice for Maintenance Training Solutions

ORLANDO, FLORIDA–(Marketwire – Nov. 30, 2010) – NGRAIN®, a leading provider of interactive 3D equipment simulation solutions that maximize the effectiveness of training programs and maintenance support systems, today announced the US Army Transportation School at Fort Eustis has again selected NGRAIN to deliver a simulation-based training solution, this time to train maintainers of the P-100 diesel portable pump system. The NGRAIN Virtual Task Trainer™ (VTT™) solution will support parts familiarization and procedure training. Leveraging 3D simulations of the P-100 Diesel Pump, the solution will provide students with the ability to virtually practice installation, maintenance and repair procedures while receiving automated guidance and feedback.

“We have compared NGRAIN to other solutions, and NGRAIN stands out as delivering highly detailed, interactive solutions that are focused on training best practices,” said Donald Topping, Chief, Maritime Simulation Division, Transportation School, Fort Eustis. “Our ability to use NGRAIN solutions in a variety of ways across our programs and with other schoolhouses makes the investment a no-brainer. We expect to continue realizing the great results we have already experienced with NGRAIN.”

To meet the mandate at Fort Eustis to adopt cost-effective training solutions that maintain existing training standards while alleviating the need to acquire additional resources such as training equipment, the Transportation School will take advantage of the value propositions offered by NGRAIN technology. The NGRAIN 3KO® (3D Knowledge Object™) is a highly detailed 3D model which contains embedded subject-matter-expertise in a self-contained format. Information related to the model is protected and cannot be reverse engineered making it ideal for shared and distributed learning environments. This approach gives the Army Transportation School the ability to embed the 3KO in Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint, Adobe® PDF and HTML pages and share the simulation with other schoolhouses using the P-100 diesel portable pump. In addition, Fort Eustis will have the ability to modify the 3KO as desired by using NGRAIN Producer®, which requires no graphic design experience to use, to ensure the solution remains up-to-date without incurring additional development costs or purchasing new hard trainers.

“The US Army Transportation School has again recognized the value of NGRAIN’s interactive 3D simulation-based solutions to transform training,” said Christopher Hawkins, Director, US Sales, NGRAIN. “NGRAIN is the only company providing its customers with the ability to repurpose and reuse its technology to increase the number of ways training can be delivered. With the P-100 Virtual Task Trainer solution, Fort Eustis will continue to meet its training requirements while also gaining the time and resources needed to expand the program, improve other areas of training, and ensure troops are proficient in the field.”

NGRAIN began its work with the US Army Transportation School when it delivered a 3D training solution for the diesel engine course. Using a 3KO of the 12V71 engine, instructors develop training programs to improve students’ knowledge base of the engine prior to working on the real equipment. Not only has the approach resulted in an increased training throughput, but also increased first-time-right performance.


Sixty-five cents of every dollar spent on a piece of equipment goes towards sustainment. NGRAIN enables organizations to dramatically reduce these costs by maximizing the effectiveness of equipment training programs and maintenance support systems with interactive 3D equipment simulations. With NGRAIN’s breakthrough 3D simulation capabilities, customers have been able to accelerate the communication of knowledge by 60 percent, and improve operational efficiency by 30 percent.

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