NGRAIN Delivers 5 KW Power Generator Training Solution to Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

ORLANDO, FLORIDA–(Marketwire – Nov. 29, 2010) – I/ITSEC – NGRAIN®, a leading provider of interactive 3D equipment simulation solutions that maximize the effectiveness of training programs and maintenance support systems, today announced that it has delivered the 5 KW Power Generator Virtual Task Trainer™ (VTT™) to the Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (CFSEME). The training solution combines instructional design best practices with NGRAIN’s unique equipment simulation solutions to provide trainees with a training tool that supports parts familiarization, maintenance and repair procedures, and troubleshooting techniques. The VTT was delivered in both French and English languages.

“The level of detail and ability to support dual-language training is an incredible asset to our instructors,” said Paul Hallett, Project Manager for Training Transformation at the, Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. “To be able to view the internal components and functions of the generator provides students with knowledge that until now could only be conceptualized.”

The 5 KW Power Generator, commonly used to train Electro-Optic Technicians, requires regular maintenance procedures to be conducted. At Canadian Forces Base Borden, CFSEME instructors will use the NGRAIN 5 KW Power Generator VTT to depict the electrical system schematics, review start and stop procedures, and develop troubleshooting skills with particular attention paid to the difficult subject of circuitry. The VTT is designed with instructional design best practices to ensure students retain information with a greater awareness of equipment and circuitry. By using NGRAIN within the schoolhouse, CFSEME can not only increase classroom throughput and expect longer life cycles for teaching aids and hard trainers, but most importantly enhance learning of the Electro-Optical Technicians especially in understanding the complexities associated with trouble-shooting.

“We are proud to deliver a solution to the Canadian Army that will help increase knowledge about complex equipment while also alleviating the reliance on expensive equipment,” said Arnold van den Hoeven, Director, Canadian Defence, NGRAIN. “CFSEME instructors will use the VTT in the classroom and then students can access it as required for further exploration of the equipment and revision of lessons. CFSEME plans to use the VTT to allow technicians to address skill fade issues in their home bases and share this knowledge with other technicians.”

NGRAIN solutions are certified for use on the Defense Wide Area Network (DWAN), are SCORM conformant, and can be deployed in Learning Management Systems (LMS).


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