New Iscon Whole Body Scanner Now Offers Integrated Biometric Capabilities to Detect All Objects and Verify Identities

SOURCE: Iscon Video Imaging, Inc.

Corrections Facilities, Border Control and Airport Screening Can Leverage Iris, Facial and Fingerprint Recognition and Card Readers Without Radiation or Privacy Issues

WOBURN, MA–(Marketwire – October 29, 2010) –  Iscon is introducing an enhanced version of the 1000D whole body scanner equipped with optional biometric technologies and identity verification techniques that will vastly improve security at corrections facilities, law enforcement as well as international airports.

The Iscon 1000D is the only whole body imaging portal that can be integrated with state of the art technologies to detect virtually any object, without radiation or privacy issues and confirm that the person is indeed who they claim to be. This is critical in prisons as inmates try to pose as others to escape as well as airport security to speed processing, identify terrorists and discover contraband.

Iscon1000D uses thermo-conductive infrared technology that completes a 360°scan in 30 seconds, reveals a multitude of objects, but doesn’t penetrate clothing, so there’s no privacy or radiation issues.

It can detect the thermal imprint of any object that many scanners miss, including:

  • thin plastic
  • wood
  • powder (pills and drugs)
  • paper (money)
  • liquids
  • ceramics (explosives)

Iscon 1000D is already been sold in the U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Iraq, Russia and the Ukraine.

The enhanced system offers stand alone or combined options for integrated security capabilities through identify verification using the following technologies:

  • Facial Recognition — Can compare a person’s facial attributes to existing databases and cross match with other systems.

  • Fingerprint Recognition — Fingerprints are a highly reliable identification method and are a fast and easy way to determine identity. Large law enforcement databases can be accessed to cross match and verify a person’s identity quickly and easily.

  • Iris Recognition — Scans of a person’s iris can be cross-matched to a database for identity verification.

  • Card/Barcode Reader — For high traffic areas that need fast scans, the Iscon 1000D is equipped with a card and barcode reader. At manufacturing facilities and other high security operations, that require both scanning and verification, this system is ideal for people who are preapproved and can simply scan their card or barcode and go through safely.

“Facilities are facing significant privacy and health issues using scanners that expose a persons body parts that can be stored and shared digitally,” explains Iscon Founder and President Izrail Gorian. Using existing databases available today, or using a proprietary system of employees or inmates, security will ultimately be enhanced for everyone and at the same time ease verification for those who are not suspect.”

The enhanced Iscon system is less expensive than other whole body imaging systems, requires a smaller footprint and completes scan and detection in 30 seconds without radiation or privacy issues since infrared doesn’t penetrate clothing.

About Iscon Video Imaging

Currently based in Woburn, Massachusetts, Iscon Video Imaging, LLC was founded in 1997 by Izrail Gorian, PhD and Galina Doubinina, PhD. The company began as an image processing consulting company and was incorporated in the State of Delaware. On October 10, 2005, Iscon raised seed money to develop IBSS, Infrared Based Security Screening. Since then Iscon has secured multiple rounds of financing from a range of companies including Isonics and later New York private equity firm, Columbus Nova. In January of 2006 Iscon was converted from an LLC to Iscon Video Imaging, Inc. Iscon Video Imaging.

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