Inter/Media Signs Game Show Host Chuck Woolery to Ad Campaign for All-Natural Sleep Aid Alteril

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Woolery to Appear in Infomercial With Ultimate Fighter, NASCAR Driver, Fireman and Others Who Have Suffered From Sleeplessness

ENCINO, CA–(Marketwire – September 23, 2010) –  Game show host Chuck Woolery is used to bantering with people on television, and the topics generally won’t put you to sleep. But now, thanks to a new ad campaign for which Inter/Media Advertising’s Entertainment Division has signed Woolery, he’ll be making sure that people will fall asleep. Woolery will be the star of an infomercial for Alteril, the nation’s leading all-natural sleep aid.

Woolery, the original host of Wheel of Fortune from 1975-1981, has been inducted into the American TV Game Show Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Among the other shows he has hosted are: Love Connection, Lingo, The Big Spin, Scrabble, The Home and Family Show, The Dating Game, Greed and Think Like a Cat.

“Chuck Woolery has been welcomed in people’s homes for more than 30 years and is easily recognized as someone who brings integrity to inquiry about the product and the people he interviews,” said Robert Yallen, CEO of the Inter/Media Group of Companies. “We are pleased to have him on board as the Alteril spokesman.”

Woolery will appear in a 30-minute infomercial interviewing people who have overcome their sleeplessness thanks to Alteril. Woolery interviews a fireman, a helicopter pilot, a doctor, Ultimate Fighter Tim Kennedy and NASCAR driver Kevin Conway — people that most would be surprised to hear suffer from sleeplessness.

The reasons for sleep problems are different in each individual and the spot makes the case that with three primary all-natural ingredients — L-tryptophan, valerian and melatonin — Alteril has something for everyone. While most over-the-counter sleep aids contain diphenhydramine, a substance largely found in cold medicine, Alteril only contains natural herbs to help the user get the best sleep possible without using any type of drug. Alteril is sold in major retailers throughout the country.

The ad campaign will run on History Channel, Hallmark, Lifetime, TV Land and Discovery, among other networks.

Inter/Media Advertising, which bills $450+ million annually, has gained a national reputation for uniquely blending direct response advertising with general market techniques. Inter/Media does breakthrough, award-winning advertising and media for such companies as the US Army, Johnson and Johnson, Neutrogena, Ubisoft, Budget Blinds, Biotab Nutraceuticals, Marinello Schools of Beauty, and Corinthian Colleges, among others.

For more information on Inter/Media Advertising, contact Yallen at [email protected] or 1 (800) Time-Buy.

About Alteril
Alteril is designed to be the best all-natural sleep aid on the market today. With three primary ingredients, L-tryptophan, valerian and melatonin, combined with many supporting substances, Alteril has quickly made its mark in the sleep aid marketplace. While most over-the-counter sleep aids contain diphenhydramine, a substance largely found in cold medicine, Alteril only contains natural herbs to help the user get the best sleep possible without using any type of drug. Alteril has proven itself in the retail stores to be a popular product due to its unique formula and the quality of sleep it provides. Resounding testimonials maintain that Alteril has given users the best sleep they’ve had in years because it is natural and can be taken as long as the user wants, without any of the side effects associated with OTC or prescription sleep aids. Alteril is sold in major retailers throughout the country.

About Inter/Media Group of Companies
Inter/Media Advertising is a fully integrated $450-million advertising agency and media organization that uniquely blends direct response advertising with general market techniques. Founded in 1974 and recognized as a major force in the direct response advertising industry, Inter/Media also specializes in retail brand building and advertising support. Inter/Media’s proprietary and precedent-setting lead/sales tracking system AccuTrak® provides clients with statistical data on the relationship between advertising spending and consumer response. The company is comprised of ten business units — Inter/Media Advertising® (strategy, planning and research), Inter/Media Time Buying Corp® (offline media execution), Inter/Media Interactive (online planning, buying and creative), Mediapoint Network® (Performance-based advertising), Inter/Image Productions®, Inter/Post Productions® Editorial, InterQuantum, LLC (retail brokering, marketing consulting), InfoTech Development™ (advertising and media metrics technology), Inter/Media Properties™ and Bellatrix Media™. Bellatrix Media includes the American Target Network, which features unwired networks comprised of cable, broadcast TV, and radio media. For more information, go to

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