American Pulse(TM): Majority of Americans Concerned About the North and South Korea Conflict, China & Russia Quitting U.S. Dollar

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Half of Americans Agree — “It’s Crazy” Not to Profile Airline Passengers

COLUMBUS, OH–(Marketwire – November 30, 2010) – 65.6% of Americans are somewhat/very concerned about the North Korea and South Korea conflict, according to the latest American Pulse™ Survey of 3,015 respondents. 19.4% are neutral on the matter and 15% are not very/not at all concerned. Further, 42.4% say the U.S. shouldn’t be involved in the situation, 30% think it should and 27.6% don’t know.

Americans also seem concerned about China and Russia’s move to quit the U.S. dollar and use their own currencies for bilateral trade. 56.9% say it will negatively impact the U.S. economy, 17% say it won’t and 26% aren’t sure.

Back on the home front, 42.7% think body scanners should be used for security on trains, boats and metros. And an overwhelming 75.2% believe the media is blowing the whole issue of new airport security procedures out of proportion. The majority of Americans agree with U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra that “it’s crazy” not to profile airline passengers.

Michigan representative Pete Hoekstra, a member of the house intelligence committee, says “it’s crazy” not to profile airline passengers. Do you agree? 

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Other key findings:

  • 48.8% believe terrorism suspects should be tried in a military tribunal, 29.3% think they should be tried in a civilian trial.
  • 55.5% agree with Suze Orman that “the American dream is dead for the majority of America.” 26.7% don’t believe it and 17.8% don’t know.
  • Regarding San Francisco’s ban on most McDonald’s Happy Meals with toys, 86.1% say parents should decide if kids get a toy with their meal. Only 5.2% say the government should decide.
  • 58.4% say to be eligible to run for the President of the United States a person should have to have been born in America to parents who were both American citizens, 29.9% don’t agree and 11.7% don’t know.

American Pulse™
The American Pulse™ Survey is collected online by BIGresearch® twice a month exclusively utilizing Survey Sampling International’s (SSI) U.S. panel covering topics such as politics, pop culture and the economy. 3,015 respondents participated in the November #2 Survey which was conducted 11/27-11/28/2010. Margin of error is +/- 1.8%.

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